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Classifications of attendance

For students to make the most of learning opportunities at Conyers they need to attend school and as a parent / guardian it is a legal duty to ensure your child attends school regularly. I want to take this opportunity to thank the majority of parents in supporting their children in forming good lifelong habits and achieving good or even outstanding attendance. It is easy however for attendance to slip and we completely understand that unavoidable illnesses and extenuating circumstances might mean your child misses some school. It is not always immediately obvious from looking at pure attendance figures what is good attendance, for instance 93% is considered poor attendance and let’s be honest if 93% was achieved in any assessment we would normally be celebrating. Below is a table explaining how attendance figures are interpreted by Conyers, the Local Authority and OFSTED:

% attendance

Attendance rating

Amount of missed learning




99.9 – 96%


At 97% attendance a child has missed 5 school days throughout the year, that is 27.5 hours of lessons.

95.9 – 90%

Attendance concern

At 90% attendance a child has missed 20 days of school throughout the year, that is 110 hours of lessons.

89.9 and below

Persistently absent

At 85% attendance a child has missed 30 school days throughout the year and this equates to 165 hours of lessons.

The importance of good attendance

If attendance does dip below 96% it can become difficult for students to catch up on missed learning. Just one day means they have missed 5.5 hours learning in lessons plus any independent learning set through homework. A lot of lessons require sequential learning and therefore learning gaps can become difficult for students to catch up even if they have accessed the learning resources. Overtime poor attendance can result in students suffering from reduced self confidence and also socially they can struggle too. Whilst our staff do as much as we can to enable students to catch up sometimes the learning gaps can feel overwhelming.

What to do if your child is ill

If your child is too ill to attend school please ensure you ring school on the first day of absence to inform us. It is really helpful to let us know the reason for absence and an estimation of the date of return. You will need to contact school each day of absence unless you have spoken to a pastoral manager directly.

If it is more convenient to give detail of illness you could email your child’s tutor and copy in pastoral manager on the morning of absence.

On returning from illness students should bring a note from home and if possible any medical evidence eg an appointment card, copy of prescription etc (you do not need to request doctor notes especially for this purpose).

Please be supportive of your child’s need to catch up missing work.

Authorised absences in term time

Only under exceptional circumstances can we authorise absence. Guidance for what constitutes ‘ exceptional circumstances’ are detailed in this document.


Good attendance (above 96%) is a crucial factor in your child achieving their potential and it is nearly always requested for by references for colleges, universities, apprenticeships, part-time and full time employers.