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A Level Music – Eduqas

What is Music?

A Level Music is a course that gives you the opportunity to play, create and understand Music to an advanced level. It is designed to reward students who love to perform, enjoy creating their own Music, and who can appreciate different styles of Music.

Why study it?

It is the ideal route for students wanting to do Music or Music Technology courses at university. It is also a fully recognised A-Level that supports applications for other courses, especially if students are involved in extra-curricular activities. A Level Music is a very desirable A Level for prospective employers in all areas of work including the music industry, arts administration, medicine, teaching, armed forces, law and journalism. It is a very versatile A Level to combine with Sciences, Maths, English or languages.

Course Structure and Your Future

Year 12 & 13

Performing, composing and appraising music

Area of study 1: The Western Classical Tradition covering The Development of the Symphony, 1750 – 1900; detailed analysis of Symphony No.104 in D major, ‘London’ by Haydn; General study of Symphony No.4 in A major, ‘Italian’ by Mendelssohn.

Area of study 2: Rock and Pop (1960-2000).

Area of study 3: Into the 20th Century: Trio for Oboe, Bassoon and Piano, Movement II by Poulenc; Three Nocturnes, Number 1 Nuages by Debussy

What next?

Studying A Level Music can be extremely valuable if you wish to pursue a career in the following:

Various Music industry careers, teaching, arts administration, law & journalism, armed forces