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Gender Pay Gap Report

The 1590 Gender Pay Gap Reporting as at 31 March 2019

Narrative to support the report

The gender pay report shows a gender gap for The 1590 Trust of 19.5 per cent for mean pay and 37.4 per cent for median pay (see Annex A – Table 2).  The Trust has expanded in the period measured, from two to four schools and a further two have joined in 2019. Meaningful year on year comparisons are therefore difficult to make.   

The 1590 Trust has a high number of part time and low pay graded staff, in its in-house catering, cleaning and lunchtime supervisor teams.  These teams are predominately female.  The lunchtime supervisors, recruited from sixth formers include a number of males, but there are currently no male catering or cleaning staff. This can be seen in Annex A – Table 4.

The April 2018 two year pay award for support staff weighted the pay increase towards the lower pay grades and the pay offer for 2019 will again increase the lowest grades well above the headline offer of two percent.  The effect should be to reduce the gender pay gap at the Trust.

An analysis of the Trust’s teaching staff shows a median gender pay gap of 1.6 percent (see Table 5).  The two upper quartiles (see Table 4) show predominately the teaching staff and senior managers. The senior management team is gender balanced. 

The ‘Zero Rate Employees’ refer to exam invigilators who are employed on a casual hours contract by Conyers School.  Statutory pay employees are those on maternity leave at the cut off date. The 1590 Trust does not operate a bonus system (see Table 3).