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Key questions

Education and the iPad

There are a lot of widespread uses of iPads and Tablets in Education. Below are some links to current research into their use.

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University of Hull Research Paper

Insurance Cover

On our website, we have included a document that outlines the level of protection included in the insurance package for iPads. The insurance package we are currently considering, does not cover loss protection. Such level of cover would result in highly excessive premiums which would not be feasible. Having spoken to a number of schools with a similar roll-out programme who also do not cover loss, have reported that loss of a device that has not been eventually found is extremely rare and does not seem to happen.

All iPads will have tracking systems using our Mobile Device Management System (Casper) and “Find my iPad” (Apple) functionality which will allow us to determine the last known location of the device if lost. As part of the student and parental information sessions, we will ensure that students have these systems activated at all times. We will also advise of other free systems (e.g. Prey) that are available to provide additional tracking, should parents wish to implement them.

We aim to ensure that parents have confidence in a reliable, dependable insurance policy; that is cost effective and provides value for money. As part of the planning process, we are also exploring other insurance options available; assessing the benefits and drawbacks of various policies.

iPad Cases

Each iPad will be provided with a standard case. Some parents have asked if a range of different protective cases can be provided. In the ordering system, we have responded to this by adding a range of optional cases for parents to chose from. They are around £0.20 – £0.50 per month more expensive than the standard issue but would add additional protection. Accidental damage and theft also cover the case, as well as the iPad

iPad Lease Terms

When signing up for iPads, parents have various options to choose from; in terms of payment number of years (2/3 – depending upon year group), and whether to pay outright or monthly. After ordering the iPad choice and making the decision, there is a delay of 1-2 weeks until a final confirmation is sent to parents. During this time, parents can change/amend their order. Once final confirmations of orders have been sent to parents, we are unable to amend order details or change payment terms.

iPad Loss Cover

In the iPad programme, all parents will be covered for Accidental Damage and Theft; as outlined in the policy information. The insurance provider does not cover iPads for loss. We understand that this is a concern for parents and have explored various alternative approaches to ensure maximum protection.

To alleviate this concern, we have added school provided support in the event of iPad loss. To achieve this we have added £0.20 per month to the pricing and a loss excess of £50.

All iPads will have tracking systems on and students must leave them switched on. In the event of loss, should parents and students be completely confident that the iPad cannot be located and have exhausted all attempts to locate the device, parents can make a claim directly to the school.

The school will then look to provide a like-for-like device (similar specification and age). This is a limited fund and we would consider each claim on a case by case basis and we will work with specific students who are perhaps more vulnerable to loss; to limit the eventuality of the above occurring

The school provided loss cover is separate to insurance provided and does not count towards an insurance claim.

iPad Pricing: Why so many options?

We have published extensive pricing to parents to show the flexibility of the programme in terms of what we can offer at the initial sign up phase. In the coming half term, we will be narrowing down our pricing options. The pricing will remain the same, but we will simplify the price and terms available. This is likely to be a simple procure or outright purchase option, followed by a 2 or 3 year price. The term selected will indicate the warranty/insurance level. For example if you chose to purchase outright, you would purchase a 1 year warranty and insurance package. A 2 year plan would offer two years warranty/insurance and so forth.

When will contributions begin to be collected?

Contributions will not normally begin until the month after you have received your iPad. You will receive notification of this prior to collection.

What happens if my child leaves before I have finished contributions?

If your child leaves before completion of contributions, you have the option to either return the iPad to school or settle the remaining payments. We cannot continue collecting contributions for those not on roll at Conyers. iPads are provided under an operating lease to support learning for students at Conyers. Like any leased equipment, it remains the property of the finance company until the final contribution is made.

When will I receive the iPad?

iPads will be delivered within the term of ordering.

Will the iPad be restricted?

We use a secure management system to ensure iPads are used safely and responsibly in school. We do not restrict contribution based iPads outside of school and do not implement any location based tracking (other than those provided by Apple – “Find my iPad” in the event of loss).

Student Safety

We are currently working with Community Safety Officers who are supporting us in delivering safety sessions to students in terms of safe transit and use within and outside of school. The PCSO and police officers will deliver assemblies to students; to address the concerns parents raised during the initial consultation. We are also planning to deliver this presentation to parents prior to the iPad roll-out. In terms of storage, we are investigating facilities to have in lunch, PE and tutor group areas for secure storage of iPads when not in use.

Existing iPad Owners

If you already own an iPad, you may wish for your child to use this in school. Pre-owned iPads can be connected to the school systems and will behave in the same way as school iPads. It is important to understand that students who use personally owned iPads are obliged to follow the same rules and procedures as those using a school device.

The technical team will only be able to provide limited technical support or guidance for pre-owned iPads . The school could not provide insurance or warranties for personally purchased devices, nor could we be responsible for any damage, theft or breakdown of the device.

Warranty and Insurance Confusing?

Basically, a warranty covers you for device malfunction. If you buy a new car, you normally have a warranty which covers you within X number of years for parts, faults etc. A car warranty wouldn’t cover you if you had an accident, your car was stolen or broken into; you have insurance for this. The same applies to your iPad. The warranty will cover for device faults, where the insurance will cover you for theft and accidental damage. The warranty can be valid even beyond leaving Conyers; whilst the insurance is only valid whilst your child is a member of the school.