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Main Meal includes meal and dessert or small fruit water £2.40
Pasta King & Sauce £2.20
Cheese Topping pot .50p
Jacket Potato Plain £1.10
One Filling £1.70
Two Fillings £2.50
Hot baguette £2.30
Soup & Roll £1.30
Mexican Burrito £2.30
Chicken Flatbread with Toppings £2.30
Lge salad Pot £1.25
Small salad pot 65p
Selection of Protein Fillings from 65p
Cheese £1.80
Ham & Cheese £2.25
Pizza Panini £2.10
Selection of Sandwiches and wraps from £1.20- £2.40
Jelly 50p
Fruit, Yoghurts, Cake, Cookies from..55p
Water and Flavoured waters from ..55p
Chilled water is available in both dining rooms.