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Exam Results

In Key Stage 4 the school enters students for GCSE, BTEC and Cambridge National Qualifications. At Key Stage 5 students are entered for BTEC and A levels.

There is a rich and varied menu of courses from which students can choose those that meet their current interests and future aspirations.

In addition students are also entered as appropriate for the examinations of the Royal School of Music, Trinity School of Music and the Guildhall School of Music.

Results in public examinations place Conyers in the top rank of state schools. Here is a summary of results.

Level 3 Qualifications (A level and BTEC) 2016 2017 2018
% of A*, A and B grades 56 50 64
% of pass grades 99 99 100
Average points score per entry 31.3 34.6 37.0
GCSE & Other Level 2 Qualifications
% of students with 5 or more 9-4 (or equivalent) grades 79 81 80
% of students with 5 or more 9-1 (or equivalent) grades 99 99 99


Key Stage 4 results and student progress