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When and how do I apply for a place at Conyers School?

Entry at Age 11 to Year 7

The Conyers School Prospectus is available on our website and is distributed to local primary schools during the second week of September each year. The prospectus contains a letter inviting parents of primary school children in Year 5 and 6 to attend the school’s Open Evening held on the last Tuesday in September each year from 6.00 – 8.00 p.m. These details including the letter are also available on the school’s website.

If you do not receive a copy of the school prospectus from your child’s primary school and would like one, then please contact Conyers School either by email to or ring the school on Tel 01642 783253.

The governors of Conyers School have responsibility for admissions to Conyers School and offers 224 places (admission number) at age 11 for Year 7 in September. To apply for a place at Conyers School, an applicant must complete the Common Application Form (CAF) supplied by their home address local authority. If they reside within Stockton-on-Tees, then the form is available online at:

The completed form is then sent directly to the home address local authority. If resident within Stockton-on-Tees then it should be sent to the School Admissions Team (Tel No 01642 526605), Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Municipal Buildings, Church Road, Stockton-on-Tees, TS18 1XE or emailed to It is very important that the form is returned by the closing date, 31 October, forms received after this date will be treated as “late”. Late applications are not dealt with until all those received on time have been through the application process.

For further details on admissions contact Miss K Noott, School Systems Manager, at the school on Tel No 01642 783253 or follow the link to School admissions – Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Children with an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) 0-25 that names Conyers School will be admitted to the school.

Oversubscription Criteria

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of available places, the following priorities will apply: The Admission Policy will give priority to applications for admission to Conyers School if it is oversubscribed, in the following order:

  1. Students who are in the care of the Local Authority or a child who was previously looked after but immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, child arrangements, or special guardianship order;
  2. Students with complex needs who have been discussed at the local authority’s High Needs Panel and been identified as needing a ‘named’ secondary mainstream school;
  3. Students who have a brother or sister living at the same address and are still at Conyers School when the student begins; Children are ‘siblings’ if they are full, half or adoptive brothers or sisters living in the same household on a permanent basis, or if they are children who do not fall into one of the aforementioned categories, but who are living in the same household on a permanent basis.
  4. Students’ resident within the admission zone who have returned a Common Application Form by the closing date. In the event of Conyers School being oversubscribed with in-zone applications, we will offer places firstly to students living in the admission zone with social or medical needs for attending the school, then to students living in the admission zone in order of distance from home to school measured in a straight line ‘as the crow flies’.
  5. Students who have social or medical reasons for being admitted to Conyers School which would, should the child not be admitted, cause him or her to be seriously disadvantaged or put personal safety at risk. In all cases corroboration will be sought from independent sources such as a medical specialist who has had continuing involvement over a period of time, social worker, or other professional. It should be noted that places would not be allocated on the basis of aptitude or ability.
  6. Students who live closest to Conyers School measured in a straight line ‘as the crow flies’.


In the event of oversubscription in any category, admission will be on the basis of closest proximity to the school. This would be measured in a straight-line distance from the front door of the child’s home to Conyers School’s front gates, using the local authority’s computerised measuring system.

In the event of a tie between two or more students when applying criterion then the distance criteria will be applied.


The student and /or parents of students who are not offered a place, have the right to appeal against non-admission.

False Information

Where the school has made an offer of a place on the basis of a fraudulent or intentionally misleading application which has effectively denied a place in the school to a student with a higher level of priority, the offer of a place will be withdrawn.

Please note:

Notification of Offer of Place

The formal offer of a place will come from the Local Authority which will write to parents/carers on 1 March, if this date is on weekend then it will be the closest working day to this date, allocating a single secondary school to a child or parents will be informed by email if they applied for a place online.

Waiting List / Appeals

The Governing Body will use the oversubscription criteria above to rank unsuccessful applicants in a waiting list so that further places may be offered by the Local Authority if they become available. The waiting list will close on the final day of the school year.

Unsuccessful applicants may also contact Stockton’s Admission Department to be advised of their right of appeal to an Independent Appeal Panel.