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Digital Consultation Evenings

We have taken the decision to move our parent consultation evenings to an online platform. This will allow parents to discuss their child’s progress from home, with subject teachers, via live video appointments.

Parents can book appointments via the following website:

Parents will need to login with their details and the email address which the school has on file. Only those with designated parental responsibility can login.

A confirmation email will be sent once appointments have been booked.  On the consultation evening, parents can follow the link in their confirmation email to begin. Appointment durations will be fixed at 5 minutes per subject, and this time begins from the exact appointment start time.  Should longer appointments be required, follow up discussions beyond the initial evening can be arranged directly with subject teachers.

We would suggest each child attends appointments with parents. If parents do not have access to their own technology, their child’s iPad can be used to login to the system via our website. A device with a camera and microphone is required (e.g. iPad, laptop etc.)