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Conyers School Uniform Policy

How to Order Uniform Items

Conyers School uniform is now purchased directly from the approved supplier – School Colours,  using their on-line service. Go to and order the items you require.

School Colours launched a new and improved webshop in February 2021. You need to register for an account before you can see the uniform. If you have previously purchased items from School Colours you will need to set up a new account to log in. If you need any information from historical orders please contact

Orders need to be placed online by 10.00 a.m. WEDNESDAY of the week before delivery.

Orders can take up to 2 weeks to be delivered.

For any enquiries about your uniform order, please go to ‘Contact Us’ on the School Colours Direct web shop: and you must quote ‘Conyers School’, the name on the order and the order number.

Preloved Uniform

Our preloved scheme has been a real success in helping provide uniform items for students whose families are struggling financially with the current cost of living crisis.

If you require any items of uniform, please fill in the Google Docs form here, stating item/items and size required. While we can’t always guarantee to have every item requested, they are constantly coming into school so we will always strive to meet your requirements. The preloved items are professionally laundered so we ask if possible for any small voluntary donation towards laundering costs.

Any queries, please contact Kelly McLean at

Pre-loved uniform request form

School Uniform

The wearing of school uniform can be a most important factor in developing and maintaining a school spirit, in creating tidiness and freeing the school society from the differences which dress can make. It is also a protection against constantly changing fashion and unnecessary expense. All students are expected to wear uniform in which there is an element of choice.

Should students arrive at school wearing inappropriate uniform, they will be required to wear school issue garments, which are clean and stored in the Student Support Centre.

If there is a genuine issue with your child’s uniform, please contact their Year Manager to discuss the matter.

Thank you for your support and co-operation in maintaining our uniform standards.

Year 7-9 Uniform

Year 10-11 Uniform

General Points

Conyers School PE Uniform

The existing school PE uniform is a valid uniform for 2022/23 and continues to be stocked at Ross’s. However, all parents should be aware that the school is moving to the new style of PE kit, which is available from both suppliers. 

Both styles of PE uniform are allowed to be worn in school during 2022/23 but the older style will be phased out for the beginning of the 2023/24 academic year.

Students will continue to wear school PE uniform on the days that they have timetabled PE in 2022/23.

Students must bring full school uniform to change into if they attend an extra curricular activity on a day they do not have timetabled PE.

Variations on colour are not permitted, items must be navy, and students are not allowed to wear hoodies.

Conyers School PE uniform can be purchased from the following suppliers:

Ross’s Ltd

45 Borough Road



01642 246150

Motif8 Embroidery & Print Ltd

Stephenson Street

Gladstone Industrial Estate,


TS17 6AL

01642 601501

Conyers School PE uniform comprises of the following badged items;

Equivalent non-branded items can be purchased more widely provided they are plain navy and appropriate sportswear.

All students will need the following;

Indoor training shoes*

Boots with moulded studs**


Shin pads – optional for football and hockey lessons and training but compulsory for matches. We highly recommend the use of shin pads.

Gum shields – compulsory for rugby lessons, matches and training.

If a student does not have the correct PE kit for lessons, the department will loan a kit, which is one that has been laundered after every use, in order for students to play an active part in lessons.

Students who are injured will be required to provide a note to excuse them from lesson, however they should have a PE kit with them so that they can take on a “role” within the lesson.

Please ensure that all items of clothing are marked with the student’s full name.

*one pair of trainers that is comfortable for the student, plimsolls are not recommended as they are not suitable for football or the wet weather.

**We recommend football boots with moulded studs/blades that are suitable for astro turf and grass.