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Conyers School Transport and Bus Routes

Stockton Community Transport

Stockton Community Transport operate buses 101, 102 and 103.

If you live in those areas served by these service you may be eligible, please contact  to check.

Conyers Paid Buses

M&D Travel in partnership with Delta Coaches operate the paid buses. These provide a service to Ingleby Barwick, Thornaby and Middlesbrough (Stainton and Acklam Rd / Pannell Avenue)

The routes and timetable are attached below.

The service is a pay as you go commercial bus service (£1.80 per journey).

For the afternoon runs, a number of buses are doing double runs which means some students will need to wait until 4.15pm before catching the bus home.  This arrangement was in place in the past and has had to be reintroduced to get everyone home.  Students will be able to wait safely inside the school until the appropriate time.

Students who do not use the service with due consideration for their fellow students and the driver, will be excluded from the service by the operator.  They will need to find an alternative means to get to and from school.

Bus Timetables

North Yorkshire Council

The Council runs a mini bus service for a number of the villages to Conyers. Please contact North Yorkshire Council school transport service for details.

Pathfinder Bus – Sixth Formers

A half price bus pass (Pathfinder) may be available for public transport services for students over 16 years living within the Stockton Local Authority area please contact Stockton Council for further details on Tel 01642 528499 or via the link below


A train service operates from Middlesbrough and Thornaby, stopping at Yarm station, within easy walking distance of the school.