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Curriculum Structure

The school timetable operates on a 50 lesson cycle over a two week period.

9.00 – 10.00amLesson 1 (including registration)
10.00 – 10.25amPersonal development / assembly / monitoring and guidance
10.25 – 10.40amBreak
10.40 – 11.40amLesson 2
11.40am – 12.40pmLesson 3
12.40 – 1.40pmLunch
1.40 – 2.40pmLesson 4
2.40 – 2.40pmLesson 5

A destinations curriculum which aims to provide rich learning experiences for all

The aim of the Conyers curriculum is that all students are given a wide range of experiences, within and beyond the classroom, through which they gain the knowledge and skills they require to make a successful transition to education or employment at 16 or 18. Subject leaders plan a 7 year curriculum starting with (if appropriate) the national curriculum. This overview acts as a framework for detailed schemes of work that ensure there is a coherent sequence to what children learn and when they learn it. Provision for students with SEND is modified so that their needs are met whilst maintaining curriculum breadth.

Key Stage 3

Year EnMaScMflComp.PETeREHGArtMuDr
977752424332/2/2 or 3/0/3 or 2/PE+/2**

In all years there is an Additional Needs (AN) group and in Y9 there is also an EMS group. The curriculum for these groups is amended to meet student need whilst maintaining a breadth of experiences.

In Year 7 and Year 8 Mfl students do French

In Year 9 Mfl students do French or German

*A 2nd language is introduced in Year 8 for some students, 1 period is taken from Maths and English, and these students have 7 periods of MFL in Years 8 and 9. They sit GCSE French in Y9 and the other language in Y11.

In Year 9 Technology students choose two areas from Design Technology, Engineering, Food and Textiles spending half the academic year on each choice

In Year 9 students start the GCSE RE course

**2 groups study all 3 Creative Arts, 6 groups study Art and Drama and 2 groups study Art, Drama and PE+.

PSHE, RSHE, Citizenship and Whole Curriculum Dimensions delivered by subjects, in tutorial periods and through 6 Focus Days 

Key Stage 4


En is English Language and English Literature.

Sc is Biology, Chemistry and Physics for all students – 3 groups 3GCSEs, 7 groups 2GCSEs

Options: (3 options – guided choice to ensure curriculum balance from)

PSHE, Citizenship and Whole Curriculum Dimensions delivered by subjects, in tutorial periods and through half termly Focus Days