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A Level Chemistry

A-level Chemistry combines modern, relevant and exciting applications of Chemistry with the chemical theory needed for further study.

A-level Chemistry can lead to careers in a wide range of sciences as well as engineering, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and any career requiring a high degree of numeracy and problem solving skills.

“A-level Chemistry helps you see the relevance of the subject to the world around us. It’s hard work but very rewarding”

A Level Chemistry – OCR ‘A’

What is ?

Chemistry is the study of atoms and how they join together to make the huge variety of materials we see around us. A level Chemistry builds on the Chemistry you will have done at GCSE, but starts to explain how we know what is happening to atoms and molecules which are far too small to see.

Why study it?

Because it’s interesting and challenging! Chemistry is in many ways the “central science” linking to both Physics and Biology. This makes it an ideal accompaniment to other sciences or an interesting science to study by itself. It is essential for many careers including Chemistry, Pharmacy, Medicine and Dentistry.

Course Structure and Your Future

Year 12

The course starts with an introduction to the fundamental aspects of chemistry that bridges the gap between GCSE and A-level. It then covers key ideas around organic chemicals such as alcohols and esters, combined with underlying ideas about how chemicals behave together with consideration of how we can protect and sustainably develop the Earth’s resources.

Year 13

The Year 13 course involves an in-depth consideration of topics fundamental to chemistry. From organic chemistry, such as dyes, polymer chemistry and synthesis, to inorganic chemistry, such as metal ion complexes, chirality and the properties of materials, and through to physical & theoretical areas such as kinetics and thermodynamics (can you explain why things in our universe actually happen?).

What next?

Studying A Level Chemistry can be extremely valuable if you wish to pursue a career in the following:

Chemistry or other Physical Sciences, Pharmacy, Biochemistry, Pharmacology and other Biological Sciences, Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science, Engineering or Law