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A Level Drama & Theatre Studies

Students will learn to interpret live performance and to create live theatre as directors, actors or theatre technicians. The course is suitable for students who wish to develop their performance skills and broaden their studies.

Students may progress to a variety of performance or theatre based courses and careers which would include teaching, law, working with children, theatre, therapy and other areas which involve working with people.

“Drama and Theatre Studies has given me the confidence in my creativity and complements so many other studies, it really expands your overall understanding.”

A Level Drama & Theatre Studies – AQA

What is Drama & Theatre Studies?

Drama and Theatre Studies explores performance skills from the many perspectives of Theatre professionals. During the course you will experience professional theatre productions and develop your understanding of the subject. You will practically apply theatrical styles and the work of leading practitioners to your own performance work and in interpretation of set texts.

Why study it?

Students of Drama and Theatre studies develop skills that are not just essential for drama but applicable to a wide range of higher education subjects and in the workplace. The course refines students’ collabora-tive skills, their analytical thinking and their approach to research. Stu-dents grow in confidence and maturity as they successfully realise their own ideas. They learn to evaluate objectively and develop a sound ap-preciation of the influences that cultural and social contexts can have on decision making.

Course Structure and Your Future

Year 12 & 13

Component 1: Drama and Theatre

Component 2: Creating original drama

Component 3: Making Theatre

What next?

Studying A Level Drama and Theatre Studies can be extremely valuable if you wish to pursue a career in the following:

Acting; Stage Management or Production Design; Teaching, working with children; Law; Therapy, Social Work, Community Work; or Any areas which involve working with the public.