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A Level Psychology

Psychology is the study of the mind and behaviour.

Careers include educational psychologist, clinical psychologist, forensic psychology, crime scene investigation and teaching.

“Psychology lets you view the world around you in a different light and understand people’s behaviour more clearly”

A Level Psychology – AQA Spec B

What is Psychology?

If you have ever wondered why you are the way you are then Psychology may well be the subject for you.

Psychology is the study of mind and behaviour. It will be of interest and of use to any student who is planning a career that involves dealing with people.

Why study it?

If you embark on this course you should find the answer to the following questions:

  • Is Psychology a science?
  • Is my intelligence a product of my genes or my environment?
  • Is gender solely due to the chromosomes inherited?
  • Why do I forget things?
  • How does my memory work?
  • Why do people obey orders?
  • Why do people become anorexic?
  • What is autism? Why do visual illusions work?

Course Structure and Your Future

Year 12 & 13

Social Influence




Approaches in Psychology


Research Methods

What next?

Studying A-Level Psychology can be extremely valuable if you wish to pursue a career in the following:

Educational Psychology, Forensics, Health Care Professions, Teaching or any career working with people