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A Level English Language

Students will study language in use, from crisp packets to customer complaints, and write their own original texts.

The subject provides communication skills which would be useful for careers in teaching, management, the media, finance and advertising.

“Very new, very different: this course reaches parts of the English Language that others dare not approach or even mention.”

English Language – AQA

What is English Language?

In this subject, we study language in everyday use. So, you will gain insight into how people speak and write in real life situations. Degree providers and employers love the understanding of communication is- sues that the course gives you. Being a thoughtful, skeptical, knowledgeable reader of language will help you to study any subject at degree level and help you to communicate more effectively with clients and employees.

Why study it?

It is challenging, new and varied.

You get to look at real life issues and examine a really wide variety of texts.

You get to do your own writing on topics of your own choice and in styles of your own choice.

Lessons tend to be interactive and imaginative.

Course Structure and Your Future

Year 12

In the first year of the course, you will be introduced to new terminolo- gy and explore different ways of analysing language use in a range of texts.

You will also study how language is affected by gender, occupations and social groups.

Year 13

In the second year of the course, you will look at how children learn language. It’s amazing! How does that helpless demanding lump of babyness become the fluent, articulate teenager that you see when you look in the mirror?

You also look at how language has changed over time.

What next?

Studying A Level English Language can be extremely valuable if you wish to pursue a career in the following:

Advertising, Journalism, Publishing, Education or Business and management.