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Free School Meals

Free school meals are supplied to some students by reason of their parents’ income level in accordance with a scale determined by the Government. Every effort is made to ensure that children who receive free school meals cannot be readily identified by other students. Parents who wish to make further enquiries on eligibility for free meals can do this by using this link

If your child is entitled to Free School Meal then £2.70 will appear on their account each morning. The £2.70 covers for a main meal with dessert OR a piece of fruit and water from the chilled machine. If they choose not to have a main meal and spend more than £2.70 the remaining will be taken off their personal account, so please make sure you check Arbor and top up if needed. If the £2.70 is not spent, it does not roll over. Your child can put their thumb onto the ‘Reval machine’ based in block 1 or in ‘Big Cook’ and this will display what money they have available to spend.