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Personal Development in Sixth Form

Across each timetable cycle, Personal Development in Sixth Form follows the structure outlined below:

The structure of the Personal Development programme within sixth form is designed to allow our students to:

The content operates on a two-year rolling programme, the content of Year 1 is outlined below:

Half Term 1: Being Safe
Safe and Healthy Relationships

Misogyny and Sexual Harassment
Healthy Relationships
Non Romantic Relationships

Half Term 2: Being Ready
Online Saftey

Fake News
Media Bias
Digital Footprints

Half Term 3: Being Respectful
Community Awareness

The Climate Crisis
The Gender Agenda
The Identity Crisis

Half Term 4: Being Safe
Risk Taking Behaviours

Unprotected Sex

Half Term 5: Being Respectful
Lifestyle Education

Politics and Democracy

Half Term 6: Being Ready
Next Steps

Getting Ready (for Y13)
Year 12 Work Experience

Any queries relating to Personal Development in Sixth Form should be directed to Ben Edkins, Assistant Head of Sixth Form