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Humanities Pathways

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Key Stage 3 Curriculum Map

Curriculum Intent

The intention of this is to allow EMS and AN students to develop a passion for humanities subjects and to help them understand the world around them and their place within it. The aim of the Humanities pathways programme is to provide all students with access to a qualification in Humanities in the form of an Entry Level level 1 or 2 Award, certificate or diploma. This year we will be trialling a bespoke curriculum following the WJEC Humanities Pathways specification which allows flexibility to suit the needs of all students. This is being trialled in 2021-22 with KS3 EMS classes in Y7, 8 and 9. Classes will all study similar units in the first trial year.

Key Knowledge and Skills

  • Build basic knowledge and understanding of the following units.
  • Continue to build and develop basic literacy targets alongside the English department. 
  • Support the development of life skills through tasks, projects and visits to develop communication and confidence.

Sequence Discussion

Units have been chosen to build upon previous units and allow students to consolidate their knowledge.

Year 7, 8 & 9

Half Term 1

Places of Worship

Half Term 2

Religious Festivals

Half Term 3

A Non British Society in the past (Rise of Hitler)

Half Term 4

British Society in the Past (Peasants Revolt and Middle Ages)

Half Term 5

Responding to a Major Tectonic Event

Half Term 6

Changing trends in tourism