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Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Conyers School offer for Sensory and Physical Needs:

Promote an ethos and environment that: promotes respect and values diversity; sets high expectations; plays a role in supporting the child/ young person to be resilient and mentally healthy; develops a supportive setting and classroom climate; explicitly teaches social and emotional skills, attitude and values

Provide clear boundaries and robust policies

A whole school approach so that all staff respond to children/ young people in a consistent way

A commitment to promoting the emotional wellbeing of staff and students

Promoting good mental health is the responsibility of all members of school staff and community.  All staff should have an awareness

Understand the causes of behaviour and use effective approaches to behaviour management

Seek appropriate support for children/ young people experiencing negative experience and distressing events, including referrals to appropriate services eg Child and Mental Health Service [CAMHS], Early Help, counselling services, etc

Personalise reward systems covering targeted lessons/ activities, known to all relevant school staff

Careful consideration of group dynamics within the class

Individual or small group support for emotional literacy eg recognising emotions

Oversight when moving between location/ classroom

Use of key working approaches to ensure the child/ young person has a trusted adult to offer support during vulnerable times

Individualised support to implement recommendations from support services

Time limited intervention programme with staff who have knowledge and skills to address specific needs, may include withdrawal for individual programmes

Identified individual support across the curriculum in an inclusive setting

Personalise reward system

Time limited intervention programmes

Individualised support to implement recommendations for relevant professionals

Teaching focusing on both learning and social emotional curriculum

Personalised pathway is a priority to re-engage with education

Support through solution-focused approaches and regular supervision for staff working with the child/ young person

Child/ young person able to leave the classroom at regular intervals to self-regulate

De-escalation, Team Teach, Thrive, Bereavement support