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SEND support includes planning and preparation for the transitions between phases of education and preparation for adult life. To support transition we share information with the school, college or other setting the student is moving to.

At Conyers there are three important transition stages to consider

From primary [Key Stage 2] to secondary [Key Stage 3]

Key Stage 3 [Years 7 to 9] to Key Stage 4 [Years 10 and 11]


At Key Stage 2 the SENCo and/or member of the SEND Support team will attend all meetings at the request of parents and primary schools to ensure the needs of the student are met prior and on arrival at Conyers. Additional transition visits, access to the summer school and meetings with the student, parents and professionals will be offered to ensure all information is shared and appropriate provision is in place.

Key Stage 3 to 4 appropriate pathways will be considered for identified SEND students. This could include guidance on courses, a personalised curriculum, or vocational placement. The careers support services will also become involved in establishing options for post-16.

Post-16 involves a planning and preparation process with student, parents, representatives from setting, school persons and careers support. Visits, taster days and information sharing is involved in this process.