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Art & Design

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Key Stage 5 Curriculum Map

Curriculum Intent

Students to develop a personal enquiry with their work and other artists through a chosen theme. To develop an analytical approach to artists work through exploration of methods, techniques and materials. To develop knowledge of the artworld and the contexts within the different periods through research and visits to galleries.

Key Knowledge and Skills

Knowledge of materials and techniques developing standards and outcomes of quality for A level through sustained and focused investigations. To understand media and application and be able to investigate, problem solve and learn the process of development and enquiry to express ideas and intentions through work. To be able to reflect and review own and artists work, looking at meaning and purpose to create a deeper understanding. To analyse and develop intentions to present contextual linked practical work.

Sequence Discussion

To start with, a personal enquiry through a theme to learn a process and to evaluate through reviewing what has been resolved and challenged, developing reflective learning methods.
To learn how to achieve the standard through appropriate materials and methods of application.
To develop process and journey to meet an outcome.
To learn methodology and sustained focus through clearly presenting and justifying points of view, giving valid, well-argued reasons. To contextually understand artists through valid research to develop understanding and depth of knowledge.

Year 12

Half Term 1

Project – Developing own theme and research to produce a large scale piece on canvas or paper.

Half Term 2

Photographic research, textile workshops. Research textile and fashion designers. Sculptural, decorative, mixed media, 3 dimensional, fine and detailed using the bodices.

Half Term 3

To piece together work to exhibit and to show research as a journey and have an outcome to show selected workshops

Half Term 4

Analytical studies of artists
Learning how to group critique and analyse work.
To learn how to develop essay structures.

Half Term 5

Develop artist information
Plan for Y13 project

Half Term 6

Research and explore project idea

Year 13

Half Term 1

Develop artists

Half Term 2

Review and reflect work

Half Term 3

Review and reflect work to show understanding of topic

Half Term 4

Exam preparation