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Key Stage 5 Curriculum Map

Curriculum Intent

Enhance students’ awareness and understanding of the wider world and provide opportunities to expand their horizons. To equip students with skills to develop their understanding and independence. To Nurture and develop students’ confidence and knowledge in at least one Foreign Language so they can express themselves on a wide range of topics

Key Knowledge and Skills

Students should not just be aware of the grammar but also perfectly understand it. They will be open minded and have enough general knowledge to participate in discussions. Students should be capable thanks to their vocabulary to understand and express themselves on a wide variety of topics including some that do not relate to their personal situation and experience.

Sequence Discussion

Thanks to a deeper understanding of the world around them, students will have the confidence to express their opinion in a spontaneous manner. Themes studied at KS4 will be further developed in line with the school ethos of broadening students’ horizons.

Year 12

Half Term 1


Half Term 2

The changing nature of family

Half Term 3

Contemporary music

Half Term 4

The cyber-society

Half Term 5

The French patrimoine

Half Term 6

The place of voluntary work

Year 13

Speaking Photo Card

Film and Book Study

Half Term 1

A diverse society

Half Term 2

The place of marginalised people in society

Half Term 3

The right to vote and politic involvement

Half Term 4

How criminals are treated